Will my steps be visible on the blockchain?

A4R is based on a public blockchain, making it a genuine cryptocurrency. The open economy we are constructing must be transparent as well. Because of the nature of blockchains, certain data will be made publicly available.

We've taken every precaution to keep personal user data off the blockchain. The following items will be excluded from the blockchain:

  • Your name, A4R account number, or any other personally identifiable information
  • Where did the steps take place?
  • When did the steps take place?

If you join A4R.io, however, an aggregated representation of your steps data will be stored on the blockchain. On the blockchain, the following information will be visible:

  • The total number of steps taken
  • When the steps were converted into A4R coins
  • When the steps were converted into A4R coins
  • The receiver's public key (a one-of-a-kind, anonymous crypto reference).

This implies that someone could gather some basic information about your step activity. They'd need to know your wallet address, though (as your name will not appear on the blockchain). It's also worth mentioning that no serious breaches of personal information or privacy will occur as a result of this public information. We will keep working to reduce the quantity of information made available publicly.

Please be aware that, as with any crypto blockchain technology, all other A4R transactions will be publicly visible on the blockchain.

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